Tuesday, February 12, 2013

World Mission Society Church of God-Longing for Heavenly Mother

Longing for Mother

Among the flying birds in the sea, there’s a bird called pelican.
We remember it as a bird with a funny appearance, because of its drooping neck pocket.
However, in that funny appearance, there is a hidden love that nothing can follow.
When its hatchling reaches to the point of starvation, it pecks its kidney and saves its
hatchling with its own blood.
Of course couple’s love can be close to it; however, among the existing love in this world,
the only ‘unconditional’ love would be mother's instinctive love.
Mother’s love would be the love that freely gives up on its own.
I also have a name that I miss.
When a ray of sunlight shines the window in the morning, I call the name in a quiet voice,

Though we can measure the depth of water, we can never fathom the love from our Mother.

Do you want to know about World Mission Society Church of God?
We believe in Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother who came according to prophecies of the Bible.

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