Thursday, January 24, 2013

World Mission Society Church of God where Heavenly Mother is with us-An Empty House without Mom

An Empty House without Mom

I strongly agree with this writing about mother. So I brought here to share this story. We cannot imagine our home without our mother. The Bible testifies that this earthly family system is a copy and a shadow which is in heaven.( Heb 8:15) There must be our Heavenly Mother waits for us to come back and loves us so much.

When I got home after work, my mom wasn’t there as usual.
Whenever I arrived home after work, and opened the door, she would say,
"You did well today. How was it?”
As I always have heard her voice speaking a word or two,
I felt strange not seeing my mom welcoming me.
Though I knew where she went, I couldn’t help myself to feel sad.
The empty house without mom made a cold atmosphere.
When I called her, she said she was on the way home and will arrive in ten minutes.
All by myself, I waited for ten minutes. It seemed that it took such a long time for her to come.
I guess that is why a house is a place where mom is.
I think it would be the same when we go back to our Heavenly home.
‘Mom’ is the name of existence that is warm and cozy.
There was a time when a member asked me a question.
"If Heaven does not exist, would you still believe in God?”
‘How could God exist when Heaven does not?’
I thought to myself.
However, the member’s words really made me feel embarrassed.
"Don’t we have to believe in God even if Heaven does not exist? Isn't it natural for the children to believe in their Father and follow their Mother?”
She was absolutely right.
Our beautiful Heavenly home, which cannot be described with human words...
Since Heavenly Mother is there, that place becomes my home, and I can enjoy the rest and peace for my soul.
Do you want to know about God the Mother?

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