Tuesday, March 19, 2013

WMSCOG- mothers' love is a copy and shadow of Mother's love.

Even giving a share of her liver

There will be not doubt about the love of mother that gives it their children. That is the most elegant, tender and boundless love that human can have. When I read this following story. I couldn't stop shedding my tears for a while. Just like the little child in this story, we need Heavenly Mother who always cares our souls. We love You, Mother.

Trying to see the weather forecast, I turned on the TV.
Changing channels, I stopped; something caught my eyes.
The child seemed to be like a two year old and looked very sick.
The child was suffering genetic metabolic disorder.
As a result, the child had developmental disorder, since the he couldn't digest specific nutrients, and couldn't walk but crawl.
The child had to receive a liver transplant to be cured.
Holding her child, the mother just shed endless tears.
The mother decided to give her liver to her child.
The mother and the child were hospitalized together.
The child cried because of pain and fear.
Though the mother had to go through many examinations, she cried feeling sorry for her child instead of her pain.
The mother gave her child one third of her liver.
Right after the child woke up from anesthetic, he was looking for his mother.

Mother is a person that can only be described with limited words, that is, ‘love.’ She really has something that is so great.
It reminded me about God the Mother who is always sorry thinking that is insufficient, even though She gives out all of Her flesh and blood.
My Heavenly Mother, who is still praying for me...
I give thanks again and again...


  1. Can you express the love of Mother in the earth
    Then, How can express teh love of Mother in Heaven
    Her love is greatest in the world

  2. We can understand love of God the Mother through physical mother's love.
    God give us eternal life through the new covenant Passover.

  3. I used to think why mothers love their children. It might b that God created mothers as shadow of God the Mother.