Tuesday, April 2, 2013

World Mission Society Church of God carried out a blood donation drive- GOA

About 80 members of the Church of God from Panjim, Goa, carried out a blood drive at Blood Bank.

The purpose of the global activity of sharing love is delivering the love of Mother who grants salvation to humankind and the news of salvation in commemoration of the Day of New Jerusalem.

This volunteer activity is being carried out for all people around the world who need help. Considering special characteristics of a country or a religion and according to the request and necessity of the relevant local government and local residents, the Church of God has been doing many activities in various fields like blood donation drive,sharing food, helping neighbors in need, including senior citizens living alone, consolatory visits to public offices and so on as well as cleanliness drive.

Among the many voluntary service activities, the Panjim branch of the World Mission Society Church of God has carried out the blood donation drive under the motto" 147th Worldwide Blood Drive to Give Life through the Love of the Passover."


  1. WMSCOG shows a constant love of God through their constant volunteer activity.
    This Church is a true church in this ages.

  2. wow~ WMSCOG`s members are all awesome!
    WMSCOG is truly remarkable that it does good thing