Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Your wish will come true in the world mission society church of God

 I am sure that almost everyone living this earth hope to go to the kingdom of heaven. Thinking of hell where there is no happiness but agony and pain, no one would want to live there. There was an essay about zion. Here Zion means the places where God's feasts are kept.(Isa 33:20) And that is World Mission Society Church of God. God allows us World Mission Society Church of God as the heaven of Grace. Just before we enter the kingdom of heaven we can be changed into heavenly people. We are in Zion and we are being forgiven by keeping God's teachings and changed. In spiritually we were the sick, but we are being cured of our spiritual illness. Our wish to heaven will come true in the World Mission Society Church of God.

 Heaven for the sick 

 A few days ago, I visited one of my colleagues in the hospital at hearing the news of his hospitalization. Now that the hospital is the place where sick people gather together, it gives me some stuffy and gloomy feelings. However, this hospital got rid of this prejudice, with the garden outdoors in one part of ward. 

 It gave you an eco-friendly feeling in that many trees were planted around and wooden board was installed instead of concrete. The chair was not made by wooden but by leather so it was not uncomfortable at all in spite of sitting for a long time. Under the sunset glow, we enjoyed our conversation sitting back on the comfy chair and it was even confusing to see if we were visiting in the hospital or having a summer vacation. When the families of my colleague said this hospital was better than his house, I could trust he could completely be recovered very soon in this pleasant environment.

 Impressed by the consideration of the hospital for patients and visitors with beautiful garden, I thought the hospital could make very positive effects on patients by its lively interior and decoration, though it has a possibility get a little gloomy with sick people gathered.

 In the Bible, Father said, ‘"It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. But go and learn what this means: 'I desire mercy, not sacrifice.' For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners." Likewise, all of us are the sick and Zion where we stay equates to something like a hospital to treat the sick. However, Father and Mother allowed us the Zion where is brighter and more beautiful than any other places so whoever comes, he/she could feel good and pleasant, even wanting to stay more and longer. Here in Zion, the pains in our souls cannot help be recovered too.

 For the sick, Zion is heaven. I would like give all thanks to Father and Mother who allowed us this beautiful and pleasant Zion. I would like to be a son/daughter who values it more and keeps it clean.

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