Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Do you want to know the exact meaning of Heresy?-1

Then what is the "absolute heresy" that the Bible defines?

 Absolute Heresy: " Heresies don't teach the word of God, but made-up stories (doctrines), and they will be finally destroyed<2Peter2:1>
 We can discern absolute heresies that the Bible defines, by checking if they are of the new covenant established by Jesus, or if they are of man-made doctrines.

We can distinguish the absolute heresy through the Bible only. We can never know it with popular opinions or something else. Then let's look into it one by one through the Bible. Among many, we will see some important teachings of God.

1. The Church that keeps Sunday service, a man-made doctrine, is heretical.
2. The Church, which does not keep the Passover, is heretical.
3. The Church,which celebrates Jesus's birth on Dec.25 that is not found in the Bible, is heretical.
4. The Church, which sets up the cross, is heretical.

We will see why those teachings such as the Sunday service, Christmas, cross are wrong and not biblical.

Do you want to know?

We are following as the Second Coming Jesus let us know.

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