Monday, December 17, 2012

Essay-My sister

My sister

When I was an elementary school student, my parents used to leave home for work very early in the morning and came back late when the stars shine in the night sky.  Eldest sisters who were two years older than me took care of twin sisters as well as me. As usual, my sister served dinner to us. 
“What do you want to eat for dinner?” my sister asked entering the kitchen.  “Sis! I want to eat some noodle.”  We all spoke with one voice.
“Noodle? I’m not sure if we have any at home. Let me go check first.”
She opened the cupboard and searched everywhere.
“Here it is! Just stay in the room and I will cook delicious noodle for ya.”
While she was cooking, we were watching TV in the room. After some time, there was a delicious noodle smell coming into the room.  Holding our breath, we were waiting for the noodle to be ready. 
Giving a shout, we hope she could come inside the room soon. When she was coming into the room, holding the noodle pot in her hands,she lost her balance and fell down on the ground with a single cry, ’whoops”.  When she was bringing a big pot, she couldn't  see the front and finally tripped on the threshold.
“Gosh, it’s too hot!”
Noodle was gushed out on the floor and her arm was splattered with hot noodle soup.
“Oh, no! My noodle! Oh, my noodle!”
Making naught of my sister who fell down and got hurt, both of us sank on the floor and cried a lot looking at the spilled noodle. 
“Give me noodle! noodle! “  I cried to get noodle and she cleaned the spilled noodle all over the floor and said,
“Ok, I will cook another noodle for ya.  Just wait please.”
Then she went to the kitchen and cooked another noodle for us. Still now, we often talk about this. At that time when it happened  I could not readily apologize to her because of the reason that I was very young back then. Rather than caring her who got hurt by cooking for her sisters, we were so mean enough to take it out on her by the thought of not eating noodle.
Thinking how painful she would be back then,my heart was deeply touched.
I am pretty sure my appearance in my childhood must be my spiritual appearance in the past. I wonder if I have ever pained enough attention to how painful my brothers and sisters are.   It is no use regretting it after long time has passed by.  I would like to become spiritual family who consider and think in the perspective of my brothers and sisters at all times.

 My former way would be like the little sister in the writing. I am determined to be the older sister, who embraced her little sisters 's behavior like a spoiled child. Sometimes I thought rationally only and distinguished between right and wrong. However Our Mother's love for us was different. Her love is based on serving and understanding. Our Spiritual parents will be proud of us, being like the older sister in this story. Understanding,serving and patience will bring me, my spiritual sisters and even Father and Mother great touching and love each other. Thank you, Father and Mother for letting us be your children.

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  1. For love others we need to put yourself in other's shoes. :-)