Thursday, January 10, 2013

3. The Church,which celebrates Jesus' birth on Dec. 25 that is not found in the Bible, is heretical.

Christmas originated from the pagan custom of worshiping the sun-god. There is no record in the Bible that Christmas should be kept on Dec.25.
So, the church, which celebrates Christmas on Dec. 25 that is not found in the Bible, is heretical.

The birthday of Jesus is not in the Bible. It just says that the shepherds,who were keeping watch over their flocks in the fields, praised Jesus.(Lk 2:8)
 It is not possible to keep watch over flocks in the fields in the cold winter. Nobodyknows when Jesus was born.

The early christians did not celebrate Jesus's birthday. Then where did Christmas originate from?
" December 25 is Not Jesus's birthday, but the sun-god's. Christmas originated from a pagan festival for the unconquered sun."
- Encyclopedia Britannica-

" In ancient Rome, there was a festival named Saturnalia from December 17th to the 24th."
-History of Christians Church-

" During this Festival, people indulged in merry- making regardless of wealth or social position."
-History of Christians Church-

"Dec.25' from which the days begin to lengthen,was regarded as the birthday of the god Mithra."
-Encyclopedia Britannica-

On the pretext of breaking the faith in Mithra, the Roman Catholic Church enjoyed the festival by changing the "birthday of sun- god." Into the birthday of Jesus.
- The Golden bough by James G, Frazer-

The Christmas tree originated from the pagan ritual of tree worship.
-Encyclopedia Britannica-

The image of Santa Claus with a white beard, in a red suit, was created in 1931 for a Coca- Cola ad.
- Illustrated by Haddon Sundblom-

Churches know very well that Christmas is not the birthday of Jesus. However, they are still lying that Christmas is Jesus' birthday. Christians are totally in the dark about this fact.

" It was after AD 354 that Christmas was celebrated on Dec.25."
-World Book Encyclopedia-

Jesus' disciples and apostles never kept Christmas.
" Christmas was neither established by God, nor based on the Bible."
-Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature-

People changed the birthday of the sun-god into the birthday of Jesus.

 The Bible says that if people keep man-made rules, they worship God in vain.( Mt15:8)

For these reasons, the Church, which celebrates Jesus' birthday on Dec.25 that is  not found in the Bible, is heretical.

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