Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Essay- More than mom's trouble

This is an essay one of my spiritual sister's.

More than mom’s trouble

I visited my spiritual sister’s house and there was her daughter eating cookies with delight.
As you know, cookies tend to crumble, so the floor was full of crumbles.
Since my sister was a neat person, constantly cleaning the floor, she warned her daughter to be careful.
Feeling sorry for her, half jokingly I told her child,
"Sister, from now on you shouldn't eat those cookies anymore. Your mommy is having trouble cleaning up the floor.”
Nodding her head, the child said with a smile.
At an instant, my sister told her child,
"More than that, I am worried that your teeth might rotten. So you must eat fewer cookies and brush your teeth well, Ok?

Listening to her words, I felt my heart tugging.
Since I didn't have a child yet,I just thought of mom’s trouble cleaning up the floor, but the mom’s heart wasn't.
I could feel the mother’s unconditional love, thinking of her child’s safety first, whenever or whatever happened.

It was a thankful experience that I had with my spiritual sister, making realize Heavenly Mother’s deepest love that I again engraved in my heart.

Sometimes we can feel our Mother's love through our daily lives. Especially we learn it from our physical family often. My mother went Japan for sightseeing at this moment. I couldn' feel her preciousness all the times because she was just like air. When she was with me before, I didn't know how important she was and how many things she did for our family. Now I can feel a little bit of them. I'm looking forward to her coming back home. And also I could think of our Mother. How long has she been suffering and working for us? I hope we can shorten the day of our father's coming by changing our old selves. Thank you Heavenly Mother for your undying love.

World Mission Society Church of God

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  1. I agree with your thought that Mother is like an air.
    Air is very precious for us to live, likewise Heavenly Mother is also precious to live spiritual life.