Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Heavenly Mother- Always there.

We don't feel the most important things like air and water in our daily life. When we are in the condition that there in no water and clean air, we would miss them. Just like air and water, we don't always remember and thank to our mother. However the days which we don't feel well, we often miss her love and care. We are eager that love when we need, but mother's love was always there. Heavenly mother's love toward us was always there, too.

Hearing my first child groaning, I woke up.
It was still dawn when I opened my eyes.Seeing him covered in night sweat, I took his temperature, and it was 39°.
“Mom, mom...”
My child who couldn't even open his eyes was endlessly looking for me.
Since I've never been through this, I first comforted him “Mom is here,” and while I quickly laid some cold towel on his forehead, I began to think what to do. 
Despite of all what I was doing, he was still calling me.
I couldn't stand it. Carrying him on my back, I took him to the hospital.
Seeing many doctors with white gowns, he was uneasy. Though I tried to set him at ease, he wouldn't just let go off my hand and grasped tightly.
After taking an IV, he had a checkup. It was morning when we came back home. Limp as a doll, crying and calling me, my child fell asleep.
Few days passed and my child gradually recovered. By then, he didn't look for me like when he was sick.
Seeing my child, I began to look back at myself.
Just like myself who couldn't even eat or sleep for days taking care of my sick child, I realized God the Mother wouldn't have been sleeping or eating for day and night praying for this sinful child. I felt so embarrassed and sorry.
Whenever I was sick and having difficulties,I depended on Her so much, but didn't I forget to depend on Her when I was peaceful?
God the Mother was always there for me,even if I was sick or not.
She still has pity on me and gives me love, whenever I depend on Her.
"Mother, I give You thanks.”

Do you want to feel Mother's love


  1. Thanks to Heavenly Mother for save our soul.

  2. How can we fathom the love and sacrifice of God the Mother. I give thanks and honor to God the Mother forever.