Tuesday, January 15, 2013

World Mission Society Church of God]Life exchanged with love

Life exchanged with love

Nowadays, it is very difficult to hear good news through various press media. After a long while, I happen to hear a touching news.

It was a story about a Patuawa-Tuilave, a prominent Maori lawyer in New Zealand.

After being pregnant, she was diagnosed with cancer.

The doctor told her that she needed treatment to survive, in order to do so;she needed to give up the baby.

Patuawa-Tuilave refused to get a treatment.

She endured the painful ten months, as the cancer cells spread out to her whole body, and ultimately delivered her son on April.

After two months of her delivery, she died with cancer.

Her stepmother Jacqui said, “The two months that my daughter spent with her daughter was the most valuable and happiest moment.”

Patuawa-Tuilave gave up her life to save her child.

Not only Patuawa-Tuilave, but when all 'mothers' are in the crisis of choosing one person, the child or her own, mothers always make a resolution that her child must be the one to live.

Meaning, for the child, the mother will readily give up her own life.

Who would love something that they would devotedly give up their life?

I respect the name ‘mother,’ the name of the greatest love.

And to our God the Mother

I beg for Your forgiveness and give thanks to You.

Thank You Heavenly Mother.

Our Heavenly Mother takes care of more than millions of children without rest at this moment.

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