Monday, January 21, 2013

Thank You Heavenly Mother.-WMSCOG

"Thank You Mother

One day, when a cold wave came over for few days, I went to pick up my child in the nursery after work.
Since it wasn't far from our house, I thought it was better for me to carry him on my back since it was windy.Aimlessly, I carried him on my back and went outside.
But the wind was severe. My suit was uncomfortable, the bag was heavy, and my five-year-old child’s weight wasn't like the way it used to be.
My child rather enjoyed the cool air,took off his hat and wriggled on my back, which made me feel more exhausted. I had a runny nose because of the cold wind, I twisted my ankle wearing high heels because my child wouldn't stay still, it made me hard to walk, and my wrist holding the heavy bag was so sore.
I wanted to put him down and tell him to walk by himself, but I couldn't possibly do that since his clothes were too thin for him to walk in the cold wind.
I was so exhausted that made me cry.
My child who wouldn't possibly know his mom’s heart kept on saying “Mom, I’m about to fall!” saying to me to pull him up. I couldn't say anything. So shedding my tears, I repeatedly pulled him up and we barely arrived home.
At the entrance, my arms were drained out of energy and I almost threw him down. When I started to feel sorry for him, he said, “Thank you mom.”
When I heard that, all the difficulties that I thought I had coming home became nothing.
I started to smile and my child looked so adorable.
Then, I started to think I also wanted to be a lovable child to God the Mother.
Not being immature, but at least knowing how to consider God the Mother’s heart with words of thanks.
God the Mother, I truly thank You for giving love to this immature child.

 While I was reading this essay, I just thought if I am a daughter that I please God the Mother. I just pestered our Mother to bless me and love me more than any other brothers and sisters.Like our spiritual sister, I hope to be a more mature child to our God the Mother, Jerusalem.

Do you want to know more about God the Mother? World Mission Society Church of God which was established by Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother.

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  1. Even mother's love and sacrifice in this earth are amazing and great above all. God the Mother's love and sacrifice which is reality is the most greatest to all mankind. thanks to God the Mother in WMSCOG!!