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Solomon’s Wisdom and Heavenly Mother-World Mission Society Church of God

Solomon’s Wisdom and Mother

After a long time, I happened to visit my elder sister’s house.
It was an early morning, and my young nephews were sitting in front of the TV. Wondering what they were watching, I went near to it, and it was showing children’s favorite plays.
I thought the play was familiar, and I found out it was about Solomon’s wisdom; trying to identify the true and false mother.
When the false mother lies and doesn’t give up that she is the true mother,Solomon judges with the wisdom given by God.
That is, to cut the child in half, so that both of the mothers can have a part of the child.
Since the child isn’t hers, the false mother agrees without thinking about the child’s death.
However, the true mother was different.
She says she would just give up the child and pleads not to kill her child.
Wouldn’t her heart been torn giving up on her child that she had in her, for ten months?
How depressed and angry would have she been saying, "Please give the child to her and let the child live”?
But the child’s death was much more painful than the child being taken away from her.
Though her heart was torn and bitter, she made a resolution to receive all the pain by herself, if only the child could live.
Even if the child didn’t know how to speak, or knew about nothing,the child’s life was like her life.

Seeing it again, Solomon’s wisdom is indeed profound and surprising.
Outwardly, the false mother can mimic as the true mother. But she cannot mimic the burning heart towards the child.
Even if she does, her identity would be known shortly.
"But if I do it,even though you do not believe me, believe the miracles, that you may know and understand that the Father is in me, and I in the Father(John 10:38)"

How could God the Mother possibly carryout everything without having love for Her children?
She cannot comfortably rest or wear comfortable clothes, and cannot say everything that She has in Her heart. How can She endures these things if She isn’t our true Mother?
Who could even mimic that burning love?
Mother, You are truly our Mother.
God has already given this wisdom that can recognize our true Mother. According to Ephesians chapter1 verse7, In him, through the blood of Christ Jesus we can have wisdom to know our God, that is Passover of the New Covenant. Thank you for letting us know God the Mother in the truth.

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