Thursday, January 17, 2013

Heavenly Mother's Message-World Mission Society Church of God

This is an essay which was written by one of our church members. While I was reading this story, I was very sorry to my mom and Heavenly Mother. I felt the same way as this sister. I hope I can be a more mature daughter to my mom and Heavenly Mother.

“Why isn't she coming home yet? It’s so late!”

Repeating her words,she was in a dither.

It was all because of my younger sister who still hasn't come home in this late night.

She waits for her call and after a while, she finally grabs her cellphone.

My mother didn't really call her children unless it was something special.

But it was an exception for me and my sister.
It was even more of an exception, when I used to live apart from my family.

I received mom’s text messages every single day.

Though I had my cellphone like my alter ego, I couldn't really reply her messages all the time.

I just felt bad so I couldn't possibly delete her messages, so they just piled up.

Her messages were short and concise, and didn't contain any fancy modifiers or emoticons.However, out of others, they were the friendliest messages, and messages that I could really feel the warmth.

‘I love you darling.’

‘Cheer up pumpkin.’

‘Don’t hang around late at night and go home early.’

‘Are you eating well enough?’

Though I scrolled down and down the messages that I have received, the only difference was the date and time. They were nothing special, but just messages worrying about me.

It could be consider as ‘no big deal, they are just messages,’ but sending those messages, she would have been all anxious, pressing the buttons one by one, trying to send her true heart.

Like the palm of my hand, I can visualize about her thinking about her child all day long, and finally grabbing her cellphone since she couldn't possibly stand still.

In contrary, I am just busy thinking about myself.

However, in a mother’s mind, there is nothing about herself, but full of thoughts for her children.

What’s the use of me talking about God the Mother’s love who gave up Herself for me, the one who was blinded by greed and arrogance?

I cannot repay even with my whole life, or even mimic God the Mother’s love and concern. Receiving Her love and concern, I am the most happiest person in this world.

Do you want to know more about us? World Mission Society Church of God which believes in God the Father,Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother.

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